Core Values

Team Work:
The good of the team comes before personal comfort or agenda of any individual team member.


We always do what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular or convenient, while doing so without excuse.


We serve one another and customers quickly and find reasons to do things now rather than to delay, debate, or procrastinate.


Personal Growth:
We are all expected to work as hard on improving ourselves as on getting better at our jobs. Personal improvement is not an option.


Attention To Detail:
We are brilliant in the basics and pay attention to getting things done right the first time! We are faithful in the little things.

Process Description
Rock is fractured by drilling and blasting, then it is loaded into haul trucks that transports the material to the processing operation. Processing operations include crushing, screening, material handling and storage operations. Quarried stone is delivered to the processing plant by truck and is dumped into a vibrating hopper feeder. The feeder separates large boulders from finer rocks that do not require primary crushing, thus reducing the load to the primary crusher. The crusher product is discharged onto a belt conveyor and conveyed to an inclined vibrating screen called a scalping screen. This unit separates over sized rock from the smaller stone. The undersized material from the processing screen is considered to be a product stream and is transported to a storage pile. The stone that is to large to pass through the top deck of the scalping screen is processed in the secondary crusher. The output from the secondary crusher and the throughs are transported by conveyor to a sizing screen. Various product streams with different size gradations are separated in the screening operation.
The products are transported to the finished product's area.

About us

Hamilton Aggregates, Inc.

was founded in 2006 by Edward and Genia Hamilton; establishing and managing the only family owned quarry in Conway County, Arkansas by 2007.
Within seven years the aggregate successfully expanded from a single quarry in Clinton Arkansas to three operational quarries across North-Central Arkansas.

Edward developed a 20 year plan from the very outset, which included the acquisition of more equipment to supply a varying and growing demand.

Hamilton Aggregates, Inc. is an expanding Arkansas owned and operated Mining Company. Founded in 2006 by Edward and Genia Hamilton. 

Recycling concrete and crushing aggregate at three separate quarries across North-central Arkansas. In addition, we are a portable plant and we can come to you and custom crush specific material upon your request.

"For every nickel I spend [blasting], I save a dime in crushing"

- Edward Hamilton